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No Site? Old Website?

Get a New Site!

We Made It So Darn Simple

Simple Sites

For when you need a site that is, well…SIMPLE!

If you don’t need a big fancy website, why pay for one?

All Sites Include the Following!

  • Fast sites on advanced servers with advanced speed enhancements!
  • Your site will be SEO friendly so the Search Engines will know what your company is about!
  • Free SSL (the green lock)!
  • Advanced security to protect your site including DDOS protection and if someone ever figures out how to break through our defenses, we will clean up after the hack attack for free!
  • Our professional copywriter will call you to learn about your business and then write up what is necessary for the website.  You don’t have to write anything!
  • We make a daily backups of your site for extra protection!
  • Built by professional web designers in Wisconsin.  We have been in business since 2003 and we are old fashioned, so we are always glad to take your call!

Why Are Your Web Sites so Inexpensive?

We are glad you asked!  While everyone else went to figure out how to get more money out of you, we spent the time figuring out how to streamline our process.  We took all the waste out so we can deliver you a great site at the cost you want.

Is Working with You Simple?

Working with us is So Darn Simple, we broke it down into 5 easy steps. The best part is, all you do is call us and we do the rest! Check it out!

Step 1: Call us at 262-333-0602

Step 2: You love us and sign up for the service!

Step 3: Now that you signed up, we call you to get details about your business (15-30 minutes) and you send us pictures

Step 4: We build the site (it usually takes about 2 weeks)

Step 5: You brag to your friends about your shiny new website and your competitors become jealous.

Want to know more information?

Give us a call.

We Dare You!

Our friendly receptionist will answer your call and be happy to hear from you (we promise!). If our receptionist isn’t happy to hear from you (during business hours), we will give you a 10% discount on your first year of service!

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